Friday, May 1, 2009

I got totally manhandled by my chiropractor yesterday, and am sore today! ye gads.

so my weight is finally starting to creep down. snacking and desserts, which count as a second and oftentimes a third, were the culprits, I guess! I've been drinking club soda with stevia, so the taste of sweet doesn't seem to be the problem. anyway...yay! I'm sticking with the no-s. it's not painful, and I realistically should be eating that way anyway. even though I'm rarely hungry for lunch anymore.

mozzarella cheese

iced espresso, cream, sweetener

pulled pork of extreme awesomeness, as i'm now calling it. it's pork tenderloin with SF peach preserves, fresh jalapeno peppers, onions, salt, etc, cooked to the point of falling apart goodness.
red peppers

I'm also having a half-serving of coconut water, bringing it to practice. that stuff is nature's gatorade. hahahaha!

Total Calories: 1323

6% 60% 34%
Carbs Fats Protein

net carbs: 18.1 (thanks, coconut water)


Harry said...

Congrats on the scale progress!

Your menus look fantastic!

Enjoy your weekend, Ms. V!

ms. v said...

thanks harry! :)