Thursday, May 14, 2009

oh good. and once again, cream day 1.

I'm seeing my herbalist tonight for a checkup. I guess dyeing my hair and getting a pedicure, so my system will be loaded with chemicals that I normally stay away from, is a super great idea right beforehand, right? ha!

I am still pretty sore from tuesday's huge skatefest. not as sore as yesterday, thank jebus, but still pretty fricking sore.

(I keep tracking what day I have to start the herbalist's cream on here because I'm pretty bad with standard issue calendars.)

yogurt w/nuts and coconut
roast beef

americano w/cream & sweetener

snack (I know, I know...)
yogurt w/nuts and coconut

roast beef (small slice...don't know why I felt I needed to specify)
salad w/homemade vinaigrette

coconut flour cinnamon bread (small piece)

I don't know what's making me rebel against my no-nuts, and today no-snack, thing. I may take my ban off sweets but keep no snacks and no seconds. then later, take the sweets back off. look at me backpedaling and justifying my own BS. hahaha...ah well. :) I don't want to drive myself insane(er), is all.


Harry said...

Do you feel like snacking after dinner as well? If not, maybe that's a clue? Could it be daytime stress (work related)? Cravings caused by certain foods that you eat only at breakfast and lunch? Just guessing, but maybe ...

ms. v said...

I dunno, I think it's possibly self-sabotaging behaviours, or just rebelling against my own rules. tough call, really.