Sunday, May 24, 2009


I woke up this morning after having totally revolting dreams, and basically don't feel like being social, like the grody dreams are hanging off me like a smell. ha! of course, today I have to go to a jewelry party (which I do not want to go to), and then I have practice. which I feel nervous about, for some reason. every once in awhile, since my epic, back-injuring fall, skating rattles me. today is one of those days. but maybe I'll be over it by tonight.

edit: not only did I not get over it, my headache from the other night came back full-force and ended the practice early for me. booooo. I feel defeated. :(

yogurt w/crumbled nut bar and diced strawberries

sour cream
nut bar

snack (at aforementioned jewelry party):
americano w/cream and sweetener
chili dip

ranch dressing
nut bar (they're all finished now!)

after practice, we went to a gelato place. so rather than get one, and/or not try any at all, I tried tiny bits of several flavours that I'd never tried before. can't say it helped my headache or related upset stomach!

I ate a lot today, or so it appears. gaddamn.


Harry said...

I hope your day got better as it progressed, Ms. V.

I'll be back to see if it did! :-)

anne h said...

You have a wonderful style of writing...dreams hanging off you like a! It can only get better, so they say. Let's hope it did!

ms. v said...

thanks guys! :)