Monday, October 27, 2008


two whole posts this month!  go me!  ha!  

I'm realizing that my overall baseline happiness level is higher than it's been in a couple of years.  I pretty much don't want to meet a guy right now, because I have a bad tendency to put too much of my happiness into the other person's hands, whether I let them know that or not.  at this point, if stuff goes wrong, I can kind of buoy myself.  so I just need to not get sucked into any guy stuff for the rest of the year, so it can coast through on a peaceful note. 

aren't I just terrible??

anyhow, as of two days ago, I'm down 19 lbs.  I almost can't believe it!  and it's coming off slowly, which I think is good, because when I lose a big chunk all at once, the first thing I think is "well, now I can AFFORD to have that cookie/ice cream/potato/insert sugary/starchy thing here!"  I actually am not even missing that stuff right now anyway.

now to measure.  it's been awhile.  and my usual thing of inches-not-lbs or lbs-not-inches is probably still in effect...

arm: 12.5
chest:  43
waist: 37
hips: 45
thigh: 22.5, closer to .75

pretty much!

not being able to skate is sucking my will to live.  almost.  hopefully it'll only be another 2 or so weeks instead of 4!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

uh oh, spiralling into blog-related laziness!

not that I have readers to disappoint, but I should be more disciplined, hehe!

I also seem to have lost my measuring tape.  hrmph.