Thursday, May 21, 2009


so I'm finding myself in this ungood state of procrastination these days. I AM a procrastinator by nature, unfortunately, but this is bad even for me! I meant to try out Lauren's new brownie recipe last night. I made them this morning. last night's dinner will be tonight's. and I was going to go skating, but decided to wait to see if my sister wants to go, effectively delaying anything else I want to do today. AND, I just now got off the phone with her, and she doesn't want to skate because she wants go to RUNNING. sheesh...bye bye hour of my life waiting to hear back! d'oh.

brazil nuts
LC brownies (even though I'm supposed to wait until they're full cool to try, they are still awesome)

broccoli slaw
another brownie! heh.

thai green chicken curry (homemade, with stevia)
riced cauliflower

boy, did I have seconds of the chicken. oops!


Harry said...

What a tasty looking menu! Wow!

I'm a procrastinator too. I was going to type about that in today's blog. Maybe tomorrow. :-)

Hope your weekend ist rad. <-- Too obscure of a Pavement reference?

ms. v said...

nope, I got that one! ;)