Friday, May 8, 2009

almost d-day!

d-day, as in derby day. ha! tomorrow, I will be tied up with all things derby related from about 9:30 am until at least 10 pm. I'm excited, bout days are a blast! but it's mercury retrograde, and I have a technical position. gah.

I'm still feeling anxiety attack-ish. I'm lifting my nuts-only-on-weekends rule for a bit, simply because I don't need one more thing to stress over. and because I had a few nuts at breakfast and don't want to do my usual beating up of myself. will it impact weight loss? well...everything does, food in general does, to me anyway. it just sucks, because I know eating the low-fat, high carb way makes me feel much, much worse, and also ends up in me gaining weight instead of maintaining or losing at a slug's pace. I'm frustrated, but this is simply how I eat now. hopefully my stupid body will start doing what it's always done in the past when presented with low-carb: drop weight without so much struggle. full-on cheating will land me back where I started, and I don't ever want that again.

handful of nuts
chayote squash
roast beef

roast beef (I'm redundant)
americano w/cream and sweetener

mashed cauliflower
roast beef
nut bar

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Harry said...

I hope the derby is a blast, Ms. V!

Way to hang in there - even when it's tough. I admire you for that. Keep up the good choices!