Saturday, September 20, 2008

so I was going up and down by half a lb this week.  it's frustrating when the scales don't move.  and work...ack.  I have a performance review on monday, which probably won't be as bad as I fear, but I am still terrified.  I hate those things.

on a better note...I got in the roller derby league!  YES!  I was so shocked that i made it in!

anyway, tape time as per usual.

arm: 13
chest: 43
waist: 38
hips: 45
thigh: 23

3 more little inches.  better than none!

I should post more often, this blog has become terribly redundant.  :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

something is making me retain water this week.  I can't figure out WHAT, but I can feel it in my feet and a little in my hands.  gross.  considering I drink around 12 glasses per day, it shouldn't be possible to retain water.   or so I think anyway!  :)

if anyone reads my drivel, please try to send me some calming, good vibes between 7 and 10 pm PST tomorrow, I have something important going on that I'm NERVOUS about.  I may or may not explain what it is once it's done, but I'd really appreciate it!

ok, tape time.  no lbs this week.  I feel puffy and the scale agrees.

arm: same as last week
chest: 43.5
waist: 38
hips: 46
thigh: 24

so from last week's hormonal fun, I'm down 1.5 inches.  not much to speak of really.  perhaps my eating needs tweaking.  I still need more exercise.  disappointed.  though a loss is still a loss, right??

Saturday, September 6, 2008

this week has been work +.  so busy at work.  that's my excuse for lack of blog activity, and I'm sticking to it!  yes, excuse, not story.  :)

I have to practice getting up on my skates, like from the ground.  new wheels, new kneepads, all this gear, tryouts next sunday.  which I'm terrified about.  ack.

anyhow, saturday being measuring day, apparently...

arm: between 13 and 13.5
chest: 44.5.  hormones.
waist: 38
hips: 46.5
thigh: 24

two more inches, yay!  you know, I'm PRETTY sure I'm measuring at the same point on my thigh each week.  about midway down.  so I'd say whatever I put up here is a semi-rough estimate.  :)

anyway, I haven't had breakfast yet.  so I'm gonna go do that.  I bet you're excited about this.  ha!