Friday, May 29, 2009

thinking of the weekend with knocking knees

I am! too much going on, as per usual. I have practice tonight and sunday night. the kicker is that my toe blistered, then the skin under the blister blistered. I don't know if I'll be able to skate at all tonight. but the practice space tonight is cool at least, so maybe I'll just go, see what I can do, and bail if my toe is killing me. I have the option to not go at all on sunday. maybe I'll take it. dither, dither.

saturday, I have a scrimmage to ref, then a birthday party, then another party after the birthday party. I'm tired just thinking of it.

sunday, it's my mom's birthday, then I have to RUSH out to get a tattoo, then possibly practice again. gah. every damn year, there is too much going on on her birthday and it sucks. there's also a concert I want to go to that night, but I think I'm the only one who wants to go out of all my friends. meh.

yogurt w/brownie bits and nuts

pork rinds w/sour cream
weird coffee protein shake (ice cubes, instant decaf, cocoa, HWC, half and half, whey protein powder, sweetener)

weird protein shake (see lunch, minus coffee, plus coconut oil and peanut butter)

1 small handful of popcorn, I'm not sure how that's going to work with me.


Harry said...

I hope your weekend manages to be less hectic than it seems! You're one busy gal! Yikes! My head would spin off it's axis! :-)

What's the design of the tattoo you're getting - if that's not too personal a question?

ms. v said...

it's an event with all proceeds going to charity. :) so basically, they have a huge sheet of flash, and you pick something, they tattoo it on you, the only say you have is where on you it goes. I have to see the entire sheet before I make up my mind, but the front runner so far is a ninja throwing star on my ankle. :) this will be tattoo #8, and I'll be getting #9 done on june 6th. :)

anne h said...

Double blisters - double birthday parties! Here's wishing you a happy tattoo!

ms. v said...

athankyew! ;)