Thursday, May 28, 2009

last night's scrimmage was l-o-n-g. I'm a bit concerned about our practice spaces once the summer heat really kicks in. it's hard enough to be in them just standing there, but add hard exercise to the mix and...yech!

it's just maddening how there's NOWHERE to rollerskate in this town. we have to settle for lacrosse boxes, tennis courts, and dry-floor hockey and curling rinks when we're really lucky. oh, and this other practice space at a local university, where we have to practice during the winter, which is just barely covered and (when the snow/ice/etc kicks in) far colder than a witch's tit. not even to mention that the surface is so rough that if you skate on it in the wrong wheels, your teeth clatter. I guess that builds endurance, but man, that air shrinks your lungs. oh, for the days of several roller rinks in town. seattle skaters are SO lucky.

anyway, enough complaining!

yogurt w/nuts, strawberries, and a small crumbled up brownie
coconut oil
few additional nuts. heh.

breakfast for lunch! eggs, chorizo, bacon, iced espresso w/cream & sweetener

beanless turkey chili w/cheese & sour cream
chocolate (90% of course, blah blah blah)

I'm looking to test a couple of custard recipes. if all goes to plan, I'll be making a trifle for my mom's birthday on sunday. :)


anne h said...

ms v. I gave a shout out to you today in my little post about coconut oil... A witch's tit is pretty cold! It's not cold now, though. Still drinking coconut water?

ms. v said...

I saw that, and thank you! :)

I try to stick to coconut water on practice days. it's still a little higher in carbs than I like to go, but it's refreshing and the opposite of nutritionally devoid, so I figure I can take the hit. it's SO good!

Harry said...

Trifle, eh? What time should we be there? :-)

I hope the b-day celebration goes well.

Your menu's looking really good. You keep things varied up quite well. A good example, indeed.

When I was a kid, there were skating places around town. Sadly, they've been gone longer than Pavement. ;-)

ms. v said...

thanks harry! I hope so too. trying to plan it is totally annoying.