Monday, May 25, 2009

let's play!

today's game is "what I WANTED to eat vs. what I actually ate". I'll post what I felt like eating, and then what I had instead. pretty exciting, I'm sure...zzzzzz...

what I wanted: yogurt. or bacon. or both. and an americano.
what I actually ate: few nuts, scrambled eggs with cheese, handful of pork rinds. and a square of chocolate. I'm weak and feel like I've had the crap beaten out of me by that headache. and clearly in the mood to justify my own BS. stop looking at me like that!!! ;)

what I wanted: nuts and chocolate. and coffee. part of me wanted a steak.
what I actually ate: see above! the chocolate is 90% cocoa, very low in carbs, and I only had one square. heh. oh, and a piece of cheese.

what I wanted: bbq steak
what I actually ate: roast chicken, mashed cauliflower w/gravy, roasted broccolini, chocolate mousse. I was in a cooking mood. I will have steak tomorrow!

also, I just saw an interview I did before the last bout. oh my god. GROSS. I mean, I was somewhat prepared with the low camera and such, but damn...that was not very nice to see.


anne h said...

Very creative cooking. Sorry, too about the headache!

ms. v said...

thanks! I think the stupid headache will be coming and going for the rest of the week, unfortunately. but I hope it won't.