Thursday, March 12, 2009


I had a weird dream about being on a roller coaster last night. I haven't been on one in more than 10 years (when I was about 19 or so, rides suddenly started making me sick, which sucked because I was ALWAYS into going on them, especially roller coasters!), so I wonder what it's relative to. especially since I was feeling really calm and almost meditative, and wondering why I wasn't screaming and laughing like everyone else on the ride. I was in the front seat, by myself. weird.

I'd been browsing one of the LC boards I frequent, and found a recipe for breakfast meatballs. awesome idea, I thought. I will totally remember where the recipe was, I thought. WRONG. after sifting through post after post, using the search functions and everything, I came up empty handed. so I tried to wing it, and ended up with the patties I had yesterday and today. which I shall refer to as "meat cookies" because a, they looked like cookies, b, they're about the size of a smallish cookie, and c, the name simultaneously amuses me, and completely grosses me out.

2 meat cookies (see? gross!)
leftover chayote squash
peanut butter
coconut oil

olive oil

homemade protein bar
crunchy cheese (not even a full serving. why did I even bother!)

oopsie rolls
peanut butter
green beans
red peppers

since I'm skating tonight, I'll likely have some coconut oil and/or a homemade mounds bar. :)

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