Monday, March 2, 2009

day 8

I feel slightly less horrid today. more like I have a cold instead of a hellflu. thank goodness.

I was EXTREMELY excited to find sausages today with no grains and no sugar at all in them! I took my sister to a Mexican deli, and found they had chorizo, which I love, with no fillers or artificial anything, which I ALSO love! so that's two good meat finds in two days. yay!

ALSO...I weighed in this morning. so I went from 209-211.5 down to 206-208! YAY! so 3 or 3.5 lbs this week. *happy dance* it took me from july until january to lose 25 lbs, so this is huge! hopefully this week will be good too.

americano w/cream, xylitol & stevia

chicken, turkey, and bacon
2 oopsies
red peppers
homemade low carb cheesecake
orange zevia (1/2 can)

same cheesecake as mentioned previously. I just had no time. maybe I'll have something reasonable later.

ok, so the "something reasonable" turned out to be straight-up veggies (with guacamole and sour cream as dip) at the meeting I was at, and now I'm STARVING. so I assume my carbs were too high, dammit. I was still full from lunch when I left. I kept my daily total well within the 2-3 cup limit.

maybe I should mention that, I'm keeping all my cheese/veggies/cream/etc well within the guidelines of induction. I've just been too lazy to post the measurements most of the time. :)

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