Thursday, March 26, 2009

it's thursday again.


I just choked down a piece of cheese and my supplements. I'm going to be stuck at the DMV for an unknown amount of time, and am not happy about it at all. in fact, I'm downright cranky about it. WHY do they have to make all things relative to driver's licenses such an absolute chore? not only is it the DMV, it's the shitty DMV. the nice one isn't an option today. and the worst of it is, it isn't MY license.

I think it was immanuel kant who said that people who willingly, happily do the right thing because a good deed is its own reward, or they get a payoff of sorts from it, aren't as virtuous as those who do the right thing despite almost being in physical pain over it because they don't want to so much (paraphrased roughly, and I hope that made sense). well, by that logic, I am pretty damn virtuous this morning.

homemade mounds bar (out of grab and go options!)

bacon cheeseburger on oopsies (lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard)

homemade no-grain peanut butter granola

beef stroganoff...kind of

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