Thursday, March 5, 2009

day 11

scale says 204-206! so stoked! so close to being under that accursed 200 lb mark.

I'm not feeling overly hungry today. I had breakfast probably before 8 am, and now it's a little after 2 pm, and I'm just now starting to feel hungry.

the green chili chorizo was tasty this morning, but visually oh so off-putting. I like to butterfly my sausage (which sounds like a filthy euphemism) to cook it, and I didn't take into account the fact that this was FRESH sausage, ie. not pressed like what you'd normally get from a package. the casings shrank, and I essentially had two clusters of meat broccoli. holy moley, was that ever ugly! they ended up being very filling, which is good, but the VISUAL. ugh.


beanless beef chili
sour cream
pumpkin cheesecake

same as last night, except for the mushrooms, including the cheesecake. ah, leftovers.
1/2 orange zevia

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