Saturday, March 28, 2009

sale day!

my favourite skate shop is having a big-ass sale today and I'm pretty excited! I want to buy out the store! oh unbridled avarice!

I've been just exhausted the past few days. like, really, truly, horridly tired. I know I'm not pregnant, thus my iron must be low yet again. stupid genetics. it's not helping my mood at all. so I'm craving chocolate. not even sweet chocolate, just chocolate. weird.

nut/seed granola
few bites nut bark (should have broken it up and frozen it as soon as it was set, goddammit)

lunch (this one was kinda graze-y):
americano w/cream & sweetener
roast beef
dry pepperoni
few more bites of nut bark (I shouldn't make this again.)

salad w/bocconchini
homemade mounds bar

later: chocolate granola. just enough to try it a little.

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