Sunday, March 15, 2009

gong show day arriveth

I have a parade to walk in, then a team meeting, then team photos, then testing which I'm shit-scared about. I woke up with my stomach in knots. arrrgh. I'm trying to eat breakfast and having a hard time! I'm taking a couple of homemade protein bars with me just in case.

I made chocolate pecan oopsie rolls. not bad. not awesome, but not bad.

sour cream

chocolate oopsies

dinner (very late)

this wasn't a great day for me foodwise, clearly. I was up and out of the house too early with an upset stomach (which I had before the chili), was outside in horrid sleet for close to 2 hours, came home still feeling crappy (interestingly, when I feel crappy, I want stuff that tastes good/sweet rather than looking for something that may be extra nourishing), then went off to a meeting, a photo session, and a practice. i am so ready for bed now.

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