Monday, June 8, 2009

yay work!

I'm using the term "work" loosely. I'm filling in at a school where the secretary doesn't like much of her own stuff done, so here I am zoning out, genuinely concerned about my awakeness for the day. ha!

my tattoo is awesome. I will post pics when it is less red. I absolutely made the right choice of artist, and I'm so happy!

I'm calling a mulligan on yesterday's post. I was actually pretty good on plan all day, and then after the tattoo (which had me seated in front of a full length mirror for 3 or so hours, and let me tell you, that was traumatic and discouraging), I had a few handfuls of tortilla chips. ARRRRGH! I would say "I don't know WHY I did that", but it was this: completely counterproductive self-medication. that mirror was upsetting.


pumpkin "loaf"
small piece of cheese

chicken wings
iced espresso w/cream & stevia
few nuts, <1 square of chocolate

salad w/ranch dressing
avocado, salsa, sour cream

dessert? I guess?:
stick of pepperoni


anne h said...

Good for you and your new tat! Mirrors ---grrr.

ms. v said...

thanks! :D

and YES, grr to the nth degree. hate 'em.