Wednesday, June 10, 2009

is it wednesday already? good lord.

no work today, but definitely work on friday. possibly tomorrow too, hopefully!

if you're on facebook, I HIGHLY recommend becoming a fan of "Laughing when someone falls". the videos are horridly funny!

eggs with super fricking hot, membrane-searing chipotle chicken sausage (ye gads) and cheese
couple of walnuts
square of chocolate (in my tired state, I thought this might cool my mouth! HAHAHA, what an idiot. it actually did kind of work.)


I went to a wake. you can call it a celebration of life, but a funeral is still a funeral. my eye spigots are a bit leaky still. :(

iced espresso w/cream & stevia

turkey taco salad (taco spiced ground turkey, cheese, sour cream, salsa, lettuce)
lemon curd/almond shortbread tart

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anne h said...

Time flies -- or it drags, sometimes. Sorry to hear about your wake and funeral :(