Monday, June 1, 2009

monday yet again!

suffice to say, yesterday was a gong show. as I may have mentioned before, it was the Bad Shit Tattoo Party, a fundraising effort for safe injection sites. cheap tattoos by amazing artists at a very reputable shop. we thought ok, go down there, be done in 3 hours.


from arriving at the lineup until leaving with new ink took almost 8 hours. yup, EIGHT. some people were getting 4 tattoos at once, and that's what kept things s-l-o-w. so here's the math: $25 + 8 hours = 1 ninja star tattoo by the super awesome dave green.

locational dietary disaster: the shop is on a stretch of road where there was literally NO food options for a grain avoider like myself. I have the odd blood sugar issue at the best of times, and as an FYI to any tattoo virgins thinking of getting one, you cannot get one hungry. going in with low blood sugar can cause you to faint once you're done. so...yeah. the owner of the place bought everyone pizza, which unfortunately was vegetarian. and this was after 6+ hours of waiting. the other food available up until that point was little chocolate chip cookies. and I'd unfortunately had too much fruit in the morning. so suffice to say, yesterday ended up being a write-off, though really, it could have been worse, not to justify my own bad choices. I had the equivalent of maybe 2 normal sized chocolate chip cookies, and a piece of pizza that I threw away a good chunk of the crust of.

I'm getting tattooed again on sunday, but this time I'll be prepared.

protein shake (unsweetened vanilla almond milk, small scoop of greens, cocoa, coconut oil, stevia/inulin packet, few drops vanilla stevia, whey protein powder, ice)

coconut oil
handful of bacon flavoured Just The Cheese baked cheese (SO good)
americano w/cream & sweetener

handful of walnuts
1 square chocolate


NewVision said...

You should post some pix of your new tats. :)

anne h said...

Everyone should post a pic of their the way, Ms V, there are 5 Mondays to look forward to during this month of June. Just thought you'd like to know!

Harry said...

A small price to pay for a ninja star tattoo! ;-)

Hope your week started off well.

ms. v said...

I'll have to wait until it's healed up more. it's pretty inky and crusty right now. :)

and oh good, FIVE mondays. hahaha!