Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I'm SO tired today! it's too warm to sleep with my window closed, and as it turns out, I'm a bit of a light sleeper. booooo. there's a lot of random noise at inconvenient times.

tall decaf whole milk latte
starbucks sausage breakfast sandwich without the english muffin
to which I added:
bacon bits
bit of SF ketchup

couple squares of dark chocolate
handful of nuts

iced espresso w/cream and stevia
few strawberries
(I bought strawberries and couldn't resist them!)

dinner will consist of bbq chicken (no bbq sauce), smokies, veggies, cheese (HALLOUMI, mmmmmmm), and i'm making a variant of a lemon curd tart (as seen on the wonderful Hobbiton Hankerings, possibly with whipped cream. :)

(listed already in case I forget or get the lazies. will edit for accuracy if anything changes!)


anne h said...

Deja vu all over the blogs today, Ms V! I myself bought a fan this very day, to help with the coolness and the random noises (which you so accurately described as being at inconvenient times.)

ms. v said...

that's a great idea...white noise! I should really do that, because my sleep SUCKS lately.

anne h said...

I also bought some ROOM-DARKENING SHADES. Best 30 bux I've ever spent. It's wonderful to sleep in a cool room in almost total darkness.

Gwuinifer said...

How did the Lemon Curd Tart turn out for you? I'd love to boot the oat flour if the texture stays dense enough. Did you end up replacing it with protein powder? At the end of the week, I had combined the second half of the lemon curd with a pile of pillowy whipped heavy cream to make lemon mousse-- it was DREAMY. I spooned it into hollowed strawberries, and served it with the Almond Torte.