Thursday, April 23, 2009

this is odd. when I re-inducted (can you even call it that?) last, I decided to do no sweets for three days. on the third day, I was dying for it. so now I'm trying to just do desserts (and any other sweet meal *cough*sugar free maple syrup*cough*) on the weekend only, and, ideally, not every weekend. 4, and I'm dying for chocolate. *shrug*

speaking of the weekend, I have a wedding to go to on saturday. this makes my palms sweat for two reasons:

1. I have nothing to wear (black dresses seem too goth for a spring wedding)
2. the food choices.

I suppose I can just resign to having a potentially off-plan meal, but I've been so damn careful. it IS on the weekend, etc, but man. I know butter chicken will be involved, I just hope it's not too rice-laden. because rice sucks.

roast beef

roast beef (guess what I cooked last night?)

still more roast beef
ranch dip
broccoli w/butter, sour cream, bacon
coconut oil

Total Calories: 1487

6% 57% 37%
Carbs Fats Protein

total net carbs: 15.1


Harry said...

Hola, Ms. V.

I can't help with the dress issue but about the wedding meal ...

Hows about eating something LC friendly before you go and then "cherry picking" while at the wedding. Eat the items that best match your plan and leave the rest behind?

That's what I usually do. I personally don't do very well having "exception meals". But some people absolutely do. Whatever works, you know?

Above all, remember that's it just one meal. Have fun. Enjoy the company and the event. Even if you can't stick 100% to your desired LC foods ... you can get right back on track once you're back home.

I hope it all works out well. :-)

PS - Great job sticking to your menu goals this week. Very impressive!

ms. v said...

that's what I'm hoping to do. :) I'll also bring a baggie of nuts (because it's the weekend) just in case!