Monday, April 20, 2009

good monday...or is it?

depends on who you ask (don't ask the boomtown rats!). I had an excellent practice last night, but I'm a bit sore today. when I first started with the derby league, I'd be DYING of soreness after practices, like almost to the point of having to lift my legs using my hands. I'm on the referee team now, and much to my initial surprise...we work just as hard. short story long, I'm never anywhere near as sore after practice as I was before, and I'm bordering on being proud of myself for it.

derby endurance is a different creature than others. one of the players, who is in obvious excellent shape, has endurance problems at times. her usual position is Jammer, which is the most demanding, but she's a runner in her off-skate life. she was commenting on how different it is the other day. roller skating is like jogging with weights on your feet. I thought it was interesting. :)

anyway! enough of that. time for the foodstuffs.

pork chops (the super thin sliced, "fast fry" type)

orange pepper

I wasn't actually hungry for lunch. it's a well-ingrained habit to eat on breaks at work, and evidently I haven't broken that one. plus, I can't have snacks now, so that's that. unless I grabbed a handful of nuts and called it lunch. oh wait...I'm trying to only eat nuts on the weekend. hahaha! guess we'll see how I go with that one...

broccoli w/butter, sour cream, bacon
ranch dip
americano w/cream & sweetener

Total Calories: 2060

5% 61% 34%
Carbs Fats Protein

estimated glycemic load: 11

net carbs: 18.2


Harry said...

Good job with the menu and with getting in better shape! You should be proud of yourself! :-)

ms. v said...

thanks! :) I'm still not there yet, but it's better than it was!

too bad I'm MORE sore today, yeesh!