Saturday, April 25, 2009


lucky for me, I woke up feeling queasy today, and it seems to be back a little. maybe the wedding food won't be an issue! hahaha! I probably just brought it on myself with worrying. heh.

2 oopsie rolls w/peanut butter and SF strawberry preserves

lunch/snack? (ended up being eaten pretty late, I'd brought the nuts to the wedding just in case)
toasted pecans & almonds
1 square of lindt 90% cocoa
1/3 chicken breast

butter chicken
ham & turkey (deli style, one slice each)
roast beef
salad w/crappy caesar dressing
green beans
raw cauliflower & broccoli
weird cucumber/dill salad

small amounts of a lot of stuff! and all of it legal, except the dip with the veggies. it was dim, and usually it's ranch. when I got back to the table, it was a bit translucent, and tasted kind of sweet. so I ate the broccoli and cauliflower by itself. the wedding was really nice, and the reception was a total blast! and no worries about dinner, and I just stayed away from the desserts. somebody give me a medal! ;)

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