Tuesday, April 14, 2009

and I'm back!

the worst I did as far as off-plan eating goes is a few bites of bean casserole and two or three pecans off the top of a sweet potato pie during easter dinner. go me! I still feel overstuffed.

the weekend was a gong show of being too busy, and spending hours and hours in a freezing cold arena. now I have a sore throat! so excited! ;)

I made a big zucchini noodle lasagna, and am trying to eat it before it goes off.

oh, and I'm trying to cut out snacks.

aforementioned lasagna
chayote w/sweetner, almonds & coconut

see breakfast, minus cream and chayote
couple of slices of roast beef

see lunch. the lasagna is now finished!
coconut milk pudding (I'm not cutting weekday desserts until next week! hehe!)


NewVision said...

Glad to have you back.
You really done well over the holiday.

Care to post that lasagna recipe?

ms. v said...

thanks! :) and I should post it. it's tasty and pretty easy.

Harry said...

Good job with the weekend/holiday menu.

I'd like to know your lasagna recipe too. :-)

We make a kind of zucchini pizza at our home.

I'll be interested to read how you do without snacks.

Keep up the good work!

ms. v said...

the snack thing should be interesting. I'll have to make sure I eat ENOUGH at breakfast, that'll be the biggie! ;) yesterday was actually ok, surprisingly!

ms. v said...

I'm also doing no seconds this week too. following some of the no-s diet principles, but keeping the food choices atkins. :)