Friday, April 3, 2009

seriously...let me sleep.

I was going to get up early to see my doctor today about how over-the-top tired I am ALL THE TME. my neighbours helped me out by waking me up BEFORE 530 am. ye gads. then, I went to the doctor (in another part of town) only to find out that he's taken today off. jackass. so I'm pretty unimpressed with today so far.

nut granola (as if I'd eat a grain one)
leftover beef shortribs

americano w/cream & sweetner
coconut milk pudding

chicken, pesto, tomato, mozzarella sandwich on coconut english muffin
yogurt & nuts (the sandwich was NOT satisfying)

chicken thighs (guess why? chicken thigh!)
ranch dressing

I've had two naps, and I'm thinking I'm due for #3. gawwwd.


Harry said...

It sure sounds like it *could be* a result of low iron.

When you get your iron levels back in a normal range, does it completely correct your low energy?

My wife has a similar problem and I make sure that she gets sufficient supplemental iron, vitamin B12, vitamin C (to aid the iron absorption) and folic acid.

The type of iron matters as well. For awhile we tried an expensive (supposedly excellent) form of "gentle iron" and it didn't work as well for her - based on her blood work results. Sometimes Iit takes a little experimentation to get things just right.

Hang in there, Ms. V. The weekend's almost here! :-)

ms. v said...

my sister had the same thing, but for her it turned out to be the tail end of the flu. at any rate, I'll have to make sure I up my vit. C consumption.

and thanks for the comment! I like your blog! :)