Tuesday, July 8, 2008

holy CRAP.

a few days ago, I made the informed, unified (with my sister) decision to go back on atkins.  I wasn't going to weigh myself, just measure, and not have to face up to what months worth of eating sugary crap (more like punishing myself with it) and not exercising due to tendon injuries has really, truly done to me.

I should have waited until july 14, official day 1, to weigh myself, but given that I just started my period and my weight should be at its awful highest, I figure "why not just do it today while I'm already miserable?"  hahaha!  so I did.

while it was 15 lbs less than I'd feared, I'm definitely at my heaviest.

235 lbs at 5'7".  I thought it was bad when I weighed in at 197.  yeesh.  the measurements, I'll do on monday morning.

so there we go.  tendons, apologies in advance, but I WILL be using you.  goodbye flour, rice, etc, we've had quite the run, but you not only seem to make me fat, you truly do upset my stomach.  milk, it's been fun, but not fun enough.  bread, crackers...happy trails.  sugar, I will miss you most of all.

that's the preamble.  having it all down on e-paper is something else I've never done before, like I couldn't own what I'd done to myself.  but I can this time.  :)

hilariously, I went to change my calendar today (yeah, I'm slow on the draw) and this month's image is a pinup girl...standing on a scale.  it's a SIGN, man.

so yeah!  let's do this.  first big goal weight is the one I reached last time on atkins before my uncle passed away, sending me into a tailspin of medicating my emotions with food.

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