Tuesday, July 15, 2008

day two

so far, so good.  I felt a tiny bit smaller today, and measured...one inch off the waist.  I told myself I'd only weigh and measure every couple of weeks, but I couldn't resist!  now to hide the measuring tape.

I'm doing pretty good so far with cravings or lack thereof.  thank goodness.  today I had a decaf americano with xylitol and stevia (vanilla stevia!), and a couple of ounces of cream.  it was SO good.  my sister wanted me to pick her up a coffee, so there was no way I wouldn't.  I grabbed a few advantage bars, for emergency usage, and also because they go well with coffee.  and only have 2 grams of (digestible) carbs each.  I've had half of one.  so my sort-of resolve to not use sweetners in induction fell by the wayside today, but maybe I'll go without again tomorrow.  it's all accountable.

I just need to get the exercise thing more on track.  I was prepared for low energy levels, and I really don't feel that bad.  oh yeah, except the headache which I've had since yesterday.  other than that, the mental fog is clearing, thank jebus.

now if I can just get the "steak and eggs and eggs and steak" song from family guy out of my head, I'll be set!

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