Friday, July 11, 2008


I'm trying NOT to just think "235 lbs" in huge, neon, flashing numbers everytime I look in the mirror, or feel like it's going across my forehead, marquee style, when I'm out in public.  my my, don't we have issues, hmm?

I'm actually excited to start induction again on monday.  not so excited to do the huge grocery shop, however.  less excited to be committed to frequent cooking when it's going to be Oh So Very Hot in my neck of the woods as well.  but I'll do it.  I've done it before, I'll do it again this time.

also, my right knee is giving me problems again.  I hope lessening some weight on it helps.

and the "eating what I can't after monday" thing is proving interesting.  I tried a brownie batter blizzard.  ugh.  the cherry oreo mcflurry I had a few days ago was not anywhere near as good as I'd remembered them being.  I'm realizing I don't feel all that great after drinking pop.  so maybe this is a good thing.  and hopefully if I start being wracked with coke cravings after a couple of days on the diet, I can go back and read this and remember that it wasn't all THAT great.

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