Sunday, July 13, 2008


well, I had my last day of carbohydrate debauchery.  I'm ready.  ready with heartburn.  fantastic...more motivation to eat properly.  I'm just scared I've managed to put on MORE weight since I had my traumatic weigh-in a few days ago.  will I re-check?  nope...that was quite enough.  two more weeks, starting tomorrow, until I actually do weigh in.  I got some hazelnut butter today, that will be for the next phase.  :)  soooo delicious, no sugar, and 0.5 carb/tablespoon.

more motivation: swollen ankles.  ye gads.  this is motivation to DRINK MORE WATER.  I had SUCH trouble with swollen disgusting ankles last summer.  so I shouldn't be TOO worried about them this summer, they're nowhere near as bad.  but still.  ugh.

I did the huge shop.  I'm ready.  no excuses to eat anything WRONG for at least a few days, heh!  except I did forget to get lettuce!  dammit!  I'll have to see if I still have some.  stupid salad greens.  I must remember to measure out all veggies.

ok, so I keep putting off the inevitable, by which I mean measurements.  so I may as well get to it now.  all in inches...mercy!

arm: 15.5 
chest: 47
waist: 43
hips:  50
thigh: 28

it's CRAZY to me that one thigh is as big as my waist used to be.  holy hannah.  it really does creep up on you.  or does on me, anyway.  yeesh.

so there we go.  all the ugly numbers, up for whoever comes across this blog to see.  I hope the motivation sticks (and I'm aware it's my choice, but man...behaviour is a toughie to change!).

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