Saturday, August 1, 2009


helloooooo? *crickets*

I'm not dead, but I've been stumbling, big time, and feeling a combination of shame and total un-wanting of accountability. sigh. I wasn't getting the results I used to get with low-carb, and was just frustrated and feeling like there wasn't any sweetness or gratification in any area of my life, so something, unfortunately, had to give. I hadn't realized I was feeling deprived. now to work thorough all that.

I'll update more often now! hope everyone's well and doing less dietary damage to themselves than I have been as of late. this is no excuse, but we've had an INSANE heat wave here, and (and I have no idea why) when I feel sick from the heat, a bit of sugar helped. gah! the wave is now over though. time to at least start picking up the pieces. I'm not eating crap at every meal, and am really feeling the extent of the degree to which grains ruin my life. so that's something to take from it, I guess. babble babble babble or what?

I'm also confused about a guy, but that's not news...they generally confuse me. I thought I'd have it figured out by this time, but nooooo.

oh well, whatever! trying to work on getting better habits back. and to not make excuses. I effed up. oops! I need to start being better. at least I'm doing better than going an entire year without even trying. right? :)


anne h said...

knock, knock - come in!
Ms V - one of the first blogs I ever saw!
Glad you're ok - sorry to hear you had a hard time of it. Grains and!
Welcome back - I hope you find the balance and/or the sweetness you crave. Feeling deprived is no way to live.
Fortunately there are many dietary options that can help!

Harry said...

Welcome back, Ms. V. :-)

We've all slipped up before. I've done it many, many times. Try not to beat yourself up over it. Just start working on treating yourself in a kinder way. We've all only got this one life to live. Having the love of a guy and all the other important things in life has little meaning if we don't care for ourselves. Loving yourself and treating yourself right adds to everything and everyone else in your life.

I'll be cheering you on as you get back on your path to a better life.

ms. v said...

thanks you guys! I really appreciate the support. :)