Friday, August 28, 2009

finally got brave...ish.

I got on the scale yesterday morning. ye gads. I know I've lost a bit of weight since giving sugar and grains the ol' heave ho, but I'm still up almost 15 lbs from my what...two months of carbauchery?! goddamn! at least I stopped it before I gained ALL of the weight I'd lost. I'm so mad at myself though. it took me 10 months to lose 32 or so lbs, and 2 months to gain half of it back. shocking.

I'm still being good foodwise. I think I just need to look at it from a health perspective and just do occasional weighing. and, as I say repeatedly, exercise more.

anyway! I'll check in more often. hope everyone's doing wonderfully well. :)


anne h said...

Glad you checked DOES all up magically quick doesn't it? Well Today is another day, too!
Be well, Mrs V

anne h said...

checking back at 'cha
hope all is well