Thursday, August 20, 2009

boop boop

yesterday, my sister and I blew off almost an entire day of work (save for maybe an hour) to go to the beach. this particular beach is secluded, so in my current fear of public bathing suit scrutiny state, I was in favour of it. trouble is, it's at the bottom of a rather large cliff. then there's the barnacles, but that's another story. anyhow, for the first while, it was glorious! the water is super salty, so you're buoyant to the point where even your feet want to spring out of the water. and there wasn't a soul around, except for literally dozens of eagles circling overhead.

at first.

first, a couple of boats moored themselves not too far away. ok, fine, I thought, I can't make out their faces so I don't really care. then some climbers came. THEN the huge fracas from the coast guard. two helicopters, the hovercraft (going at unearthly speeds), AND the coast guard boat. we thought someone must have been reported missing, and my sister's town is pretty small, so she was worried it was someone she knows. it turns out they were looking for a fugitive, who happens to be her friend's stepson (though she hadn't been in touch with him much for years), and apparently he's wanted on suspicion of murder! ugh, the whole thing just makes me feel ill, apparently the case is pretty big news, and pretty gruesome.


everything is peachy keen on the food front, at least. :)


anne h said...

That always happens to me when I skip work!
Glad the food's ok.
Glad you're back!

Tiffany said...

Playing hooky from work is always fun. :)

Like the blog!

ms. v said...

thanks guys! :)

S B Tamare said...

dont worry , be happy !

Novato (: said...

Nice one haha (: Comment back please :p