Monday, August 10, 2009

ok, really back. day one yet again!


I'm finally back on it. last time I tried to go back, it was with resistance for some stupid reason, like I hadn't gained back enough weight yet or something equally idiotic. but I feel accepting and better. I'm tired of retaining all this water.

my sister was given a huge package of homemade beef jerky (she's back on the wagon too, so my in-person support system is back, yay!) and gave me some. pretty excited about that. I'm thisclose to buying a dehydrator, I think it would be nice to be able to make some nice jerky.

our last bout of the season was this saturday. I've been depressed which = me being super lazy and eating starch, so this was a shock to the system to be skating and generally being in motion so much in one day. most of it on concrete. which isn't good. anyway, was I SORE when I got up on sunday! must do more skating and get back on it. anyway, the bout was good, setup was a breeze, everything was cool. I feel like I'm losing my passion for it though, and that freaks me out. we're due for a month-long break, and I hope that it'll rejuvenate me. ESPECIALLY since it'll start being cooler in our practice spaces!

so yeah, there it is. back on it. I'm thinking I want to lean more on the primal side of things, but the important thing is that I'm back. :)

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anne h said...

Again, Mrs. V, glad you are back!
For me, the good "outweighs" the bad for LC