Sunday, February 22, 2009

once again!

a terrible blogger am I. I think this entire thing needs an overhaul.


I've been holding pretty steady at 209. not where I want to be, and I was hoping for more motion! sheesh. I made the decision to go back on induction, starting monday. I may even post menus! *gasp*

today was my first fairly full-on cheat day. it was a friend's 30th birthday, and I'd been debating for literally a couple of weeks if I wanted to eat bad food or not. when it came down to it, I did. tortilla chips, cake, and lasagna with noodles (albeit not many noodles, but still). I was feeling ill all day, so I figured "well, I already feel shitty!" dumb reasoning. and no excuses. tomorrow is another day, and I'm excited to go full-on on monday! now if only I could find no-sugar mayo.

I also discovered that my blood sugar DOES get impacted by maltitol! holy crap. it's so high on the GI that you may as well just eat sugar and not suffer the insane stomach rebellion. sucrose is 50, maltitol is 38. 38!!!!! honestly, what's the point? after my consultation with my herbalist, I came home and threw away ALL of my maltitol and splenda containing foods. time to start fresh again. today was the biggest slip, but it was a conscious choice. it'll be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow.

and of course, I'm home alone all night, and I keep hearing weird sounds and freaking myself out entirely. I hope I actually get some sleep.

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