Saturday, February 28, 2009

day 6

so the scrimmage last night WOULD have been fun, if I hadn't been feeling so crappy and had brought chairs so I could have sat down while scorekeeping. it's still good to see everyone, and to try not to breathe on them. ha.

half-assed huevos rancheros (basically an egg cooked with some leftover chili and a bit of cheese on top)
sour cream

1 oopsie roll. I can't resist them right out of the oven. and now I'm SO FULL.

pork chops

oopsie roll
chocolate mousse, same way as earlier this week

I also had 2 cans of club soda with root beer stevia. :) this hasn't been an awesome day for me foodwise, clearly. my fever came back after being outside for 3 hours last night. d'oh. I'm missing a party right now as a result.

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