Tuesday, February 24, 2009

day 2

so far, so legal, so tired. i actually am not feeling well today. my chest is congested and I am also feeling a bit induction flu-ish! that shocks me, I hadn't realized how careless I'd become with carbs (the good ones, that is). I thought I'd sail through induction. WRONG. up yours, maltitol.

day 2 of no sweet. I'll do one more day of it. next week, I may allow some processed meats, apparently in moderation they're ok for induction. I wasn't going to, but after thinking about going up OWL rungs, I think I will. given how my mind works, I'd make that a whole other rung and drive myself insane finding new ways to punish myself. it's what I do, unfortunately.

leftover ground beef
1 tbsp sour cream

leftover pork cutlets
butter & coconut oil

mashed cauliflower

I'm sticking to about 2 cups of veggies for the first few days. we'll see how it goes! also having a TON of water daily.

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