Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm frustrated.

my weight loss has not only slowed to a halt, but it looks like I might be gaining.  I feel bloated too, which worries me.  a pair of jeans which had been getting loose suddenly feels tight in a few areas, which freaks me out.  and I've been so fricking good foodwise.  it just SUCKS.  there is no earthly reason why I should be getting bloated either, I'm drinking a ton of water and eating less salt than I used to.   but the retention, I feel it, even in my hands a little.  fuck.

arm: 14
chest: 44.5
waist: 39.75
hips: 47.5
thigh: 25.25

bodies are damn frustrating.  down another inch.  thank god.   so I've lost 12.5 inches.  I shouldn't let the weight thing get to me, BUT IT DOES.  argh.

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