Thursday, May 26, 2011

oh sleep, why have you forsaken me?

between my bladder and my brain not being able to accept that it gets light WAY TOO FRICKIN EARLY, I'm getting nowhere near enough sleep lately. as a night owl, this pattern is making me miserable. I'm SO tired today that I don't even trust myself to do certain tasks at work! that's not good. driving is a fun challenge today too. hrmph.

as of today, I'm down 8 lbs. blows my fricking mind. 4 lbs from pre-loading weight. I am really looking forward to being done this phase and back to regular low carb.

it's my mom's birthday this coming week, and I'm pretty sure the cake making will fall onto me. that is gonna be rough! luckily I really don't like fondant (for eating, anyway), so that's one less temptation. but the cake itself? oof.

I should be now I shall. :)

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