Saturday, September 13, 2008

something is making me retain water this week.  I can't figure out WHAT, but I can feel it in my feet and a little in my hands.  gross.  considering I drink around 12 glasses per day, it shouldn't be possible to retain water.   or so I think anyway!  :)

if anyone reads my drivel, please try to send me some calming, good vibes between 7 and 10 pm PST tomorrow, I have something important going on that I'm NERVOUS about.  I may or may not explain what it is once it's done, but I'd really appreciate it!

ok, tape time.  no lbs this week.  I feel puffy and the scale agrees.

arm: same as last week
chest: 43.5
waist: 38
hips: 46
thigh: 24

so from last week's hormonal fun, I'm down 1.5 inches.  not much to speak of really.  perhaps my eating needs tweaking.  I still need more exercise.  disappointed.  though a loss is still a loss, right??

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